One-time Gift

Your One-time Gift is Vital!

God has sent such fine young men to Saint Lawrence Seminary again this year.

Beyond the costs of education and simply operating a school, the Capuchins also carry the expense of feeding growing teenagers three meals a day, providing warm dormitories through the Wisconsin winters, as well as spiritual formation, sports, recreation, retreats – just to begin the list.

Please offer your best gift today to support a seminarian and help the Capuchin Franciscans educate and prepare young men at Saint Lawrence Seminary for lives of ministry and service in the Church.

Here are just a few examples of how your gift will impact the life of a young man at Saint Lawrence Seminary.

  • $65 would roughly cover one seminarian’s “scholarship” for a day of the school year.
  • $458 would sponsor one seminarian for one week.

Picture of seminarians at St. Lawrence Seminary

  • Please use my one-time gift to support and sustain your ministry of vocations.

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