Alumni Promise


Alumni Promise

Dear Son of Calvary,

Greetings from the Hill!

I hope that your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations brought you closer to family and friends – and to the Lord, as well. These holidays are a time that often brings back a flood of memories, of special people and of happy days gone by. As we look back, it’s easy to see that we have much to be thankful for!

Perhaps the time you spent at Saint Lawrence Seminary added to those cherished memories. The years you and I spent here formed and changed us. No matter the direction of our lives, without question we were blessed to have spent a part of our lives at Saint Lawrence. We learned things on the Hill that we could not have learned anywhere else.

Today, memories continue to be shaped for the 200 young men who call Saint Lawrence Seminary their school and their home. As we begin the 2nd semester, I want to give you a brief update on some of the wonderful things that have happened here over the past few months:

  • Our Soccer team battled to Regional Champions
  • Students collected over $6000 for Angel Tree giving
  • SLS Math Meet with over 200 participants from 8 area schools, SLS took first place with the highest overall score
  • 39 Students achieving Community Builder Awards
  • 9 Juniors and Seniors achieving Community Leader Awards

As you know, these things don’t happen magically. It takes tremendous resources to provide what we do for our young men. To be able to attend Saint Lawrence Seminary, our seminarians depend on the generosity of others, just as you and I did. Few can afford the education and formative experiences we provide.

And so I come to you today asking for your support, not so much as Rector but as a fellow alumnus . . . and a Son of Calvary. We need your help.

Last year we launched the Alumni Promise Campaign. We heard from many of our alums who offered either a one-time gift or made a pledge commitment. It was a terrific start, but our needs remain great.

Fr. Werner - Alumni Promise

Father Werner Wolf served as teacher, guide and inspiration to generations of seminarians at Saint Lawrence Seminary, the “Holy Hill.”

This prayer was written by Father Werner. We share it with you in hopes it reignites the Calvary Spirit and Promise in your heart to support future generations of Sons of Calvary.

Prayer to Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in You!
Lord Jesus Christ, I hope in You!
Lord Jesus Christ, I love You!
Lord Jesus Christ, I praise and I bless You!
Lord Jesus Christ, I give my life to You!
Lord Jesus Christ, I want to begin anew!
Lord Jesus Christ, I have sinned.
I am sorry. Heal me of my past failures.
I renew my baptismal commitment.
Come into my life in a new way.
Fill me with Your Spirit.
Lord Jesus, I praise and I thank You!
I want to serve You and proclaim You.
Anoint me with the spirit of the Gospel.
Let me share it with my brothers and sisters.
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
Lead me to the Father!
Send forth Your Spirit!
Jesus, my Lord and my God!

Will you help those who follow in your footsteps, the future Sons of Calvary?

The Alumni Promise program provides a way for you to support Saint Lawrence Seminary, either through a one-time donation or by making a pledge that can be fulfilled over time. Every gift helps, but if circumstances allow you to make a leadership gift, it would mean so much.

Please prayerfully consider my request and return the enclosed reply card with your promise of support. You will be investing in the future of Saint Lawrence Seminary, in our Church, and most importantly, in young men who today have the same hopes and dreams you once had.

May God bless you!

Father John Holly OFM Cap.

P.S. While you were a student here at Saint Lawrence Seminary, did you ever think to yourself, “Hold on to this time. It’s special. One day I’ll look back and wonder where the time went.”  The days and years do go by quickly. We don’t have many chances to make a difference in someone’s life. This is one of those chances. I invite you to be generous in your support. It will mean so much . . . to so many.

Alumni Promise - 5 Year Breakdown
  • Yes! I promise to be there for the next Sons of Calvary.

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